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This is my Tumblr consisting of random artwork and some other not-so-serious stuff. Stay tuned for more cool stuff when I can provide some! Thanks for visiting!

Most of the entries posted here are cross-posted from my main blog, ADRIATASTIC! via a WP plugin called Tumblrize, so technically I'm blogging/posting from my main blog and the plugin automatically cross-posts them here. (^_^)
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Waiting for sundown… #eastervigil #3rddayofsacredtriduum #countdownttoeaster (at St. Anne Roman Catholic Church)

My new mp3 player. Just a simple one. Nothing fancy or anything. It has its own camera and recorder mechanism. Only $24.98-ish at Wal-Mart.

The Sacred Triduum begins with the washing of the feet and a simple supper. #countdownttoeaster

A Planned Revamping…

I’m afraid that Artisteer’s design of this site has already been giving me the feeling of being outdated.

In fact, while I’m still working at a current site to be opened, I’m already making a checklist on how I can redo this entire portfolio and make it a whole lot more presentable, so to speak.

So, one idea that I had is to make this website as a one-page vCard style, just like the placeholder…

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sleeping_artisticgirlI’ve always thought of myself as a creative person. I like to make things. I also like to make up things too. ((as in writing fiction and other artistic-related stuff, obviously…)) The funny thing is that it seems that observant people can immediately tell a creative person simply by our own unnoticed habits. One of them just happens to be one distinctive characteristic: being alone.

I recently…

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Starting today (4/11) until Sunday (4/13), if you purchase $20 or more of breads, cakes, and/or drinks after our promo of 10% discount, you get this free mug. I got mine by buying a full month of Strawberry Cadina cake and a large soy chai latte. ^.^

Ehehehehehehe… (at Snowflake Teahouse 2)

Dessert at Snowflake Teahouse on a beautiful Wednesday. I got to go home early from work today because there’s too many people scheduled today and as always, business is really slow. I’m not alone on this one though… (at Snowflake Teahouse 2)

Old skool “blogging” (journaling)… (at Snowflake Teahouse 2)

On a sweetness high! FREE fresh pint of gelato consisting of sesame, donatella, and stracciatella flavors (just by earning 25 pts. via their FIVESTARS rewards program.) Thank you Sweet Orchid!